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is Wheelie important

The Wheel business has been around for thousands of years. …. but it has got better recently.

Markedly, Rapidly. Especially with new lightweight materials, batteries and controlled fast switching power sources.

TheOneWheel.com describes a 10Kg electric vehicle that can transport a standing person (with a backpack and hand luggage) at human running speed for many Kilometres. No sweat, no air pollution. No parking problems. It is “safe” to hold an umbrella and a phone.

An improved safety and adaptability design is being planned. Oxford@ItsUpToMe.com

These vehicles - mostly made in China. are made primarily as toys for Kids and yuppies, can do a lot more if they are well built. The “Specifications” usually published are “DESIGN specifications” that represent “best case” scenarios (perhaps down hill, with a following wind?) and quality varies a lot. “waterproof” … maybe, a bit, … but not seriously.